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With a clear focus on "Empowering Knowledge Using Technology", the XentaQsys eLearning solutions team strives to create a rich and enhanced learning experience for our customers by using adequate technologies to implement the right learning framework.


As a prime catalyst, eLearning has transformed how education is imparted in today’s fast paced world. By utilizing the power and performance of the latest web and media technologies, eLearning has improved the quality of learning manifold. Combined with time tested education and globally accepted training principles, eLearning provides for anytime, anywhere and anypace learning. Thus, learning can happen effectively in a virtual world where technology merges with human creativity to accelerate and leverage the rapid development and application of deep knowledge. Personalization, enhanced quality and improved economics are the outcome of an ideal learning solution.

eLearning Concept
The eLearning concept

In context of our research, we have identified certain key drivers to a successful learning solution:

  Traditional delivery methods simply aren't fast enough to address the needed rate of change in organizations. eLearning reduces the training costs while ensuring faster and better retaining of knowledge.
  eLearning is only self-paced - that doesn't mean self-taught. Training does not imply online manuals on intranets!
  No individual learns the same way. Cognitive load balancing and instructional design practices are the foundations for eLearning to develop solutions specific to each age group.
  Interactivity and unlimited opportunities to practice are absolutely essential to learning and retaining new skills. Of "Tell Me", "Show Me", and "Let Me", by far the best results come from "Let Me"!
  Learning always happens in a rich and thin interactive framework. Only the delivery mechanisms differ for learning on web and learning on intranet.
  It is vital to assess and measure to verify that learning actually happens. Integrated assessments motivate the learners to successfully complete learning sessions – An indicator of success of a learning solution!
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