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 Off-Shore Development Model


This model helps our customers to utilize our skilled and cost effective manpower to develop customized solutions to cater to their specific requirement. Depending on the kind of project the Model could utilize Time and Material or a Fixed Cost for the Project. In order to ensure consistency in the requirements and developed application, we have project managers deputed at client site to coordinate and act as a single point of contact with the client and the development team in India. The development approach used in this regard is slightly different from the Fixed Cost Development Model.

Off-Shore Development Model

Our Offshore Development model maximizes the advantages accrued to our clients through reduced development cost.


What is Offshore Development Model?

The Offshore Development Model utilizes our seasoned project managers located at the client site who possess the necessary expertise to manage, coordinate and communicate with our offshore development teams located in India. Our clients benefit from the added expertise that XQT can provide from a reliable and credible source and benefit from significantly reduced development costs.
Destination INDIA - "India is the dominant offshore player with more than $4 billion export industry that is strongly supported by government initiatives. Today, there are 400,000 IT professionals employed in software export endeavors, with 60,000 to 70,000 new IT professionals entering the workforce each year. Indian companies have been committed to high quality in their endeavors. Major benefits of Indian companies include familiarity with English, strong engineering schools, attention to quality, government encouragement and application outsourcing services provided offshore or onshore." (Courtesy: Gartner)

Will this Model suit your Organization?

The XQT Development Model provides access to state-of-the-art offshore development facilities and the expert coordination capabilities of our seasoned project managers. This powerful combination can benefit both start-up and established companies. XQT realizes that a start-up company is challenged by numerous start-up costs and other expenses.
By using our fully established infrastructure and resources, you can bring products and services to market faster and more efficiently. XQT is confident that we can help develop and nurture your company's vision into a viable and successful business venture. Building partnerships with our clients is a priority, which is why our services are provided at a highly competitive cost.
The Offshore Development Model is also well suited for established organizations. XQT can offer established organizations a partnership benefit that results in reduced overhead costs and the ability to address any increasing demands your IT department may experience. XQT has a wide array of skills in its offshore facilities to address any situation that our clients may need.

What is our Methodology?

At XQT we strongly believe in structured approach, which is the secret of our success in executing the projects. We have well defined time-tested process, which ensures high degree of control at every phase of the project and a high degree of satisfaction.
Our methodology is based on the following phases of implementation:
Presale Requirement Gathering
During this phase we come to understand your basic requirements and needs. We make an assessment of our core competence to partner with you, in order to meet your needs. During this phase we review your goals, objectives, strategies and project-specific needs, and analyze the services that best suit your requirements.
Prepare Service Level Agreement
After the initial analysis that determines our ability to serve your needs, we prepare a Service Level Agreement with your inputs and tailored to suit your needs. Once the Service Level Agreement is accepted, the actual project begins.
Resource Planning & Assignment
Upon acceptance of the Service Level Agreement we begin Resource Planning. In order to ensure that the offshore development facility is transparent to you, we deploy an onsite project manager and a development team in India managed by Project Leader. During the entire duration of the project our onsite project manager will be your single point of contact. Depending on the demands of the project and time lines, the project team size is scaled accordingly.
If you choose to further reduce your cost, we also offer our services wherein you can directly interact with our project managers in India.
Requirement Analysis
During the first phase of Development activity, our onsite project manager will review your requirements and create a Requirements & Specifications document. These requirements and specifications will provide the formal input to our offshore development team. If the project is very large and complex, we can bring our offshore development project leader onsite to more rapidly facilitate understanding of all requirements and specifications.
System Design
All of our project managers are highly experienced and technically savvy with hands-on experience. Our Project Manager gets involved in system design and works closely with you and the development team to ensure that all requirements are accurately expedited during the design phase.
  During this phase our project manager works very closely with our development team in India to ensure tight adherence to design specifications. The onsite project manager will maintain a system control versions of the system for your periodic review, document your feedback & communicate your comments back to our offshore development team.
System Integration Testing
  Upon completion of Development, the system will be tested based on the test plans created during the design and development phase. Our onsite project manager will work in close co-ordination with you to ensure that all inputs are incorporated in the test plan.
  Upon completion of the Development and Testing, our onsite project manager will ensure the system is implemented in a production environment and tested again. If the system is large and complex requiring additional resources during the Implementation phase, we either will bring the Offshore Development team onsite or utilize local resources.
  Upon successful implementation of the system in the production environment to lower maintain cost, we recommend retaining a small support team from our offshore development facility to continue and support the system.
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