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 Process Insight


The proven track record and insight of our process co-ordination are already accepted by our esteemed and wide range of clients. Our quality products are the outcome of constant Monitoring, Testing and Refining with a touch of briskness. Our custom software solutions can become an efficient method and model for both industry leaders and small companies to reduce operating expense and keep hold of competitive advantage. The following paragraphs give a brief insight into our development process.


Need Assessment
Assessment is the process during which we explore client's requirement through our close and clear interactions with them. These interactions will help us to focus more on the Business Objectives, Kind of Audience, Mix of Media Elements, Preferred Appearance and Optional Features. On the basis of these factors we find out the exact business objective of client and try to provide the finest and accurate solutions in terms of latest software, static/dynamic textual information, ideal look and hosting facilities.

Process Insight
Development Process Insight

Soon after we finish with the research and assessment, will take us into more detailed phase. During this phase we analyze all the requirements and information available from the client side. We subdivide all the information according to the market value, audience profile, and corporate valued identity. Ultimately this solution falls into the categories of simple web presence, Information portal, e-commerce portal, Interactivity e-learning solution, Application development and Administration Interfaces. All these well defined attributes are framed and structured into a complete plan to develop and deliver the project in time and for further communications.


This point in time has a great role in the whole software development cycle. The selected composition of technology builds up the site. Along with a blend of Technology, Design, Prototyping and Review, we focus on development processes. Initial development takes place with designing the layout and graphics using the software Photoshop, CorelDraw, flash, sound forge and to develop pages and mockups we use DreamWeaver, HTML, DHTML, CSS and JavaScript. For dynamic and data driven pages we have a proven range of tools like ASP, ASP.NET (VB.NET, C#), PHP, and XML.


Since we take care of design and development, we also give our full efforts and attention to stage the finished part of product through different resources to give an effective response. This course of action will continuously carry out with diverse aspects to make sure the particularity of project and architectural feedbacks.


In this stage we conduct accumulated and individual reviews to refine the product till the completion. We follow different testing methodologies to fulfill this part of development. The uncertainty and inaccessibility errors and problems will be reported through proper documentation to the team with its descriptions and clarifications


After the testing segment the reasons and responses will be evaluated and come up with stable and genuine solutions to resolve the particular problem and enhancements will be done on the same. From this part it's again going back to the development process and will act as a cycle till we reach the expected outcome.


In time delivery is our passion of work, which gives full satisfaction to us as well as to client. Before delivery we ensure User Acceptance & Satisfaction of the product and giving proper training for the usages of custom tools.


Our close interaction still plays a vital role even after delivery; we accommodate our full support to clients with provision of warranty period for the same with a course of maintenance and monitoring. This promises the quality and user acceptance to our clients.

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